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Winning a Book Award, A Tool in a Toolbox

Have you ever considered the value of book awards in your marketing strategy? Winning a book award is exciting and validating but it is also a very useful tool in your marketing tool box, says Edward (Billy Bob Buttons) of Wishing Shelf Book Awards, who explains how to use book awards In book marketing and promotion.

Edward covers three subjects:

1. How to Use Book Awards In Book Marketing and Promotion
2. How to pick a reputable book award to enter
3. A few tips on how to do well in a book award.

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Karen Nicksich
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Weapons of Remorse
Accidental shooting shatters
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An 1880s cowgirl tougher
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Ever Alice
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The Book of Revelations
A woman finds self-acceptance
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The Vital Secrets Series
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Uncle Greg's Treasure [Novel]
Around the World
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Everything All At Once
Teenage life (with a playlist)
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