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I Wish You Happiness by Michael Wong
Michael Wong

I Wish You Happiness

Author: Michael Wong

Illustrator: Ann Baratashvili

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Authors Website: I Wish You Happiness


“Beautiful,” “charming,” and “Wow!” is how critics describe I Wish You Happiness, an empowering and inclusive children’s book, bursting with inspirational wishes that show children how much they’re loved, and beautifully enchanting illustrations by a prize-winning artist.

This timeless, inspiring expression of love for wishers of all ages, wow parents and children alike, and reminds them each time they see it on their bookshelf of the thoughtful person who gave it to them.


“Beautiful…an excellent baby shower gift or a whimsical graduation present.” - (Editor’s Pick) Publishers Weekly’s BookLife

“Charming…a warm hug of a picture book wishing all children happy, fulfilled, and meaningful lives.” - Kirkus Reviews

“This uplifting book is filled with positive and beautiful messages that will inspire young readers…a highly recommended and inspiring read.” - (5 Stars) Melinda Facal, Readers’ Favorite

What Our Readers Think

9th August 2020
TITLE: I Wish You Happiness
AUTHOR: Michael Wong, Ill. by Ann Baratashvili
Star Rating: 5

‘A wonderfully sweet picture book inspiring children to be all they can be. Highly recommended!’ The Wishing Shelf

A lot of people think that writing a picture book is simple, compared, say, to writing a novel. But, as I happen to have written four picture books (and 15 novels) myself, I can tell you now, it’s not. You see, with a picture book, every word (EVERY WORD!) is important; and not only that, the rhythm of the words can be very difficult to get just right. Well, I’m happy to report that Michael Wong, the author of I Wish You Happiness, knows what’s he’s doing. Not only is the message perfect for younger children (parents will love it too), the rhythm of the writing and the vocab are spot on.
So, what’s it about? Basically, every page highlights a different human characteristic that’s so important in a child’s development. For example, wisdom, strength and the joy of laughter. Simple, but cleverly written, it’s basically saying ‘be all you can be’. And I think that’s a fantastic message for young children – any children for that matter – to learn.
I Wish You Happiness is the most perfect gift EVER for a young child’s birthday. Or, even better, a christening present. Or, simply, a book a mum/dad/grandma/grandad can enjoy with a child, where every page is celebrating the joy of life. For example, I wish you adventure and curiosity, to go where there is no path and leave a trail. Here’s another, which is also my favorite, I wish you luck and opportunity, for the more you try, the luckier you get.
I must also devote a little ink to discussing the drawings. Wow! They are, in every way, wonderful. There is a sort of ‘warm’ feel to them. Charming, wonderfully colorful, the characters simply jump off the page. Ann Baratashvili, the illustrator, is a very talented lady.
So, would I recommend this book? Totally. Who to? I think it’s perfect for 5 – 7 year olds. There will be a few words the children won’t know, for example, curiosity and tranquility. But that’s okay. With the help of the fabulous illustrations, the adult can explain it to them. And, let’s face it, that’s what a good picture book is all about.

Billy Bob Buttons, winner of the UK People’s Book Prize (Children’s Category)
A ‘Wishing Shelf’ Book Review

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