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Luck of the Irish: A Cozy Mystery Anthology by Kate Darroch plus 9 others
Kate Darroch plus 9 others


Have you ever thought what it's like to be a stranger in a country where the language spoken is not your native tongue? It can be wonderful - an exciting exploration, a glorious opportunity.

Or it can be terrible - making you feel like an outcast. Especially if you are a very small child who doesn't understand all the Giants (adults) around you.

The 10 authors who have contributed to this Cozy anthology want to help make the strangeness, the frightening foreign sights and sounds, which is the life of Mexican children in internment camps, a thing of the past.

We want Coming To America to be a fun thing for them.

So we got together and wrote 10 tantalizing Saint Patrick's Day themed Cozy Mysteries for you to enjoy, and delicious Irish recipes for you to give your families on Saint Patrick's Day.

These fun Cozy mysteries are themed around Luck, Saint Patrick's Day and — in rather surprising ways — sometimes leprechauns, too. Some of our authors are well known to you, such as radio celebrity Kathleen Marple Kalb and USA Today listed author C. A. Phipps. Some are total unknowns, such as W. Jenkins (although IMO Will's story is the funniest Cozy in the book). Short stories, novellas, and all stops in between!

Enjoy dipping into this book whenever you have just a few minutes when you can read. Also, for your Saint Patrick's Day pleasure, the authors' Favorite Irish Recipes for you to make for your families on Saint Patrick's Day are included, too. Whatever your taste in Cozies, we hope that you will enjoy these stories, and I do not hesitate to say that there's something here for everyone... 100% of book sale proceeds go to a very deserving charity, RAICES Texas, who help children living in dreadful conditions

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This book has been entered in The Wishing Shelf Book Awards and is presently being enjoyed by our readers.

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