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DRAGONDAH - The Secret Legacy of Ottillee Bottomly by Jackie Loxham
Jackie Loxham


'I know I've not been in Dragondah a day yet, but everything's already looking very bleak. In fact, my life's in ruins.'

When Ottillee Bottomly was forced to move from London to the back of beyond she was beside herself. Why had Cowenna Crow left her creepy old Dragondah Hall in Cornwall? And what the heck was an 11-year-old girl going to do so far away from everyone and everything she knew? Huh! If only Ottillee had known what fate had in store for her. Because it wasn’t long before she was up to her pigtails in an intriguing Cornish adventure involving a scary cave, a terrifying tunnel and a long-forgotten castle. Her unlikely companions were a bat, a fox and a local boy with no last name. Yes, Ottillee soon discovers her new seaside home is full of thrills, spills and chills. And that her strange legacy is just the first Dragondah Mystery she has to solve...

What Our Readers Think

This book has been entered in the 2024 Wishing Shelf Book Awards, and is being very much enjoyed by our readers.

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