Previous Finalists

Rules To Enter The Awards

To enter this award, you and your book must meet the following criteria:

The book must be self-published or published by a small, independent or academic press.

The book must be predominantly in English and published in 2019, 2020 or 2021.

You must send your book(s) to us between the 1st January, 2021 and the 31st December, 2021. The judges' decision is final and will not be open to appeal.

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Nutmeg Street: Egyptian Secret
Crime-fighting teens meet
ancient Egyptian intrigue!

The Book of Revelations
A woman finds self-acceptance
overcoming many challenges

Logan the Lobster
Logan is different –
will anyone play with him?
Gloria Barnett

Just Say "$%#&! NO!"
A Book Dedicated to the
Well Intended Overextended!

Eve's Ducklings
Adorable story about a girl
wanting to befriend ducklings

Collect all the Rambee Boo
adventures! For 2 - 7 yr olds.

The Sands of Marrakech
Paranormal mystery set in
Morocco by M.A. Moore

Tupelo Honey
Gritty, superbly written. Full
of unforgettable characters.