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Supporters Of The Wishing Shelf Awards

Below is a list of all the publishers & Companies who have supported this award by entering books or offering services. If a totally self published books gets through to the finals (and they often do), with the author's agreement, we will pass the book on to the publishers listed below. If they like it, who knows what will happen.

We hope to have over a hundred independent publishers listed here by the end of 2021.




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Zuma the Dog
Get your official Zuma the Dog
merchandise here.

The Young Testament - preteen
A kids’-eye view
of the Jesus story!

Practice Makes Better
Beautifully illustrated book
to foster growth mindset.

Trazer:Kids of Stolen Tomorrow
In a World of Despair,

The Whimple Inn
Clean children’s book about
shapeshifters! Ages (9-14)

Hero, a Hag, and Foggle-nogger
The Race for Croggerpooey
Humorous middle grade fantasy

Detour Man
Bodybuilders + terrorists =
an explosive mystery

The Melody of Three
1815. And the fate of worlds
is in Rein's hands.