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'I appreciate Wishing Shelf Awards and its unique reader-evaluation format. Who better to judge books than the audience they are intended for? Organizers made sure to keep entrants apprised of the contest status throughout the process.'

R. Jones Smith, author Tru Untrue

'Entering into an award or competition is a daunting task. Getting feedback for a book that has been your be-all-and-end-all is twice as daunting. Terrifying, even!
When I received the email with the feedback, I admit I left it unread for a few days while I plucked up the courage to read it. In fact, I only read it after being pushed and shoved by my friendly sisters. When I did, I was thrilled with the comments. It was clear what I could work on, but I was delighted that people seemed to have enjoyed it!
I think it's a brilliant idea for a book award to be judged by the target audience. There is no better way of finding out if you're on the right track. I know from my job as a teacher that children do not lie when it comes to giving feedback. A comment from a kid, therefore, is ranked higher than any other review, in my opinion!
Thanks Billy Bob Buttons for organising this super award. My book will wear the Red Ribbon with pride!'

Taking Wing, Clemency Crow

'I just want to thank Edward for the Wishing Shelf Awards. Why? Because I was selected as a finalist and received nothing but heartwarming approval of my work? Well, no - actually I wasn't selected as a finalist. The point is, entering your book for the Awards enters it for something more valuable (in my opinion) - an exposure of your book to the appropriate readership (in my case 9-12 year-olds), who then provide frank and honest feedback. This information is like gold dust, and allows improvements to be made for the future to further the appeal of your books. Believe me, I have gained a lot - even without "winning". I can recommend these Awards to all authors.'

T J Rogers, authors of Which Way Switch

'I have never entered any of my books into a contest before, so when I entered The Wishing Shelf Awards contest, Edward Trayer was so helpful and accommodating. Each time I emailed him with questions, Edward promptly answered me. I enjoyed receiving emails that kept me informed about what his teams of judges were doing and the progress they were making throughout the judging process. I would definitely enter my future books into The Wishing Shelf Awards contest. This is definitely a well-run, worthwhile contest.'

Carolyn Hayes, author of Perhaps You Were Born for Just Such a Time as This

'I particularly like this award, because I always find the feedback from child readers especially helpful. In this case, it confirms comments made to me by editors, so I will know what to do differently next time.'

Tessa Buckley, author of Lady in Red

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