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'The Wishing Shelf Awards have always been amongst my favourites: it's fantastically run, judged by real readers and provides great feedback. I'd warmly recommend it to both up-and-coming or established writers.'

Robin Bennett, author of Space Dragons and Commercial Director at Firefly Press

'I was honored to be given a “finalist" distinction in The Wishing Shelf Awards. What’s more, I found the feedback from the readers to be so encouraging and rewarding. I can usually tell when someone reads my work and they “get it,” and it felt like every reader did just that. Wow. That, to me, is the most satisfying thing about writing from my heart, —it means I’m connecting to another heart. It doesn’t get a lot better than that. Thank you to The Wishing Shelf Awards for reminding me why I need to keep doing what I was born to do.'

Pamela Capone, author of The Little Love That Could

'I discovered the Wishing Shelf Book Awards (WSBA) through an on-line review of the Alliance for Independent Authors (ALLI) ratings of book competitions. WSBA was among a handful of awards and contests given ALLI’s highest rating compared to a host of others. I would urge anyone interested in entering an award competition to visit this site.

Edward Trayer, who founded the WSBA and is its administrator, makes every effort to ensure a high quality experience for author participants. I found him to be extremely helpful, responsive, and knowledgeable. He is an award-winning, highly successful author himself and knows firsthand what is meaningful and attractive for authors when it comes to book awards. He and his staff are constantly looking for ways to improve and enhance value. One of things I like the best about the WSBA is that its benefits extend beyond the competition itself-whether or not you are a winner or finalist. This competition is a superior value and a terrific experience for authors.'

George Yuhasz, author of Imagine That: The Magic of the Mysterious Lights

'Entering The Wishing Shelf Awards has be a wonderful experience. It is so great to receive honest feedback from my target audience. My book went on to be a silver medal winner which is the best feeling ever it has given me confidence in myself and my books and also helped with book promotion.'

Cheryl Lee-White, author of The Book of Silly Rhymes

'The Wishing Shelf Book Awards are extremely helpful for any author working and publishing independently who wishes to measure their writing progress and find encouragement. Edward Trayer(Billy Bob Buttons), the organiser and his colleagues are extremely supportive with clear instructions and information and regular feedbacks. Unlike some writing competitions it is vouched for by Alli, is not as expensive to enter as most, and is European with judges who are keen readers as opposed to industry insiders, offering informed assessments probably giving a view more in line with that of the average reader. The feedback is straightforward and honest giving a comprehensive and constructive assessment of the book being reviewed. Obviously being reviewed can be challenging but it is a necessary and invaluable part of being an author. I strongly recommend participating.'

Michael Hill, author of Llywelyn

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