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235 Comments from Authors/Publishers

'The Wishing Shelf Awards gave me wonderful feedback, reviews and an award that is helping me improve my writing and marketing. It was such a delight to have my YA Fantasy book in front of actual teen readers in my target base who spent time assessing my cover, blurb, editing, writing and overall content. It also have me, as a USA author, a platform to UK teen readers. Thanks so much for providing an affordable option that has high value return for a new indie author.'

Cami Murdock Jensen, author of First Earth

'The Wishing Shelf Awards is unique is several ways. First, the judges are not industry insiders (publishers, agents, etc.) but rather they are enthusiastic readers. Which I think makes them more representative of the actual audience for any give novel. The other thing that makes the award unique is that the authors get feedback from the judges, and that is invaluable. Furthermore Edward Trayer (aka Billy Bob Buttons) provides regular updates and progress reports. Finally the whole thing is handled with a great deal of enthusiasm, and it's great fun.'

Scott Charles, author of The Illustrated Hen

'It has been a great pleasure to be part of The Wishing Shelf Awards.
It is an incredible amount of work for you and the readers, my hat is off to you for a job very well done!'

Denise Bossarte, author of Glamorous: A Grace Bishop Novel

'The Wishing Shelf Book Awards is a dream award and feedback venue for writers. Not only do we get to build community among other writers, the award contest becomes like a liaison, connecting writers to readers who love to read! We receive an amazing critique according to our chosen genre; plus, we get genuine feedback from our readers. The comments are both encouraging and constructive, motivating us to become more excellent at our craft. The founder of The Wishing Shelf Book Awards, Edward Trayer, is an award-winning writer himself, and he is very hands-on and involved in all aspects of the book contest, communicating effectively with both readers and writers. I highly recommend The Wishing Shelf Book Award contest as a genuine and valuable aspect of book writing, publishing, marketing and reading.'

Alisa Hope Wagner, author of Spreading Her Wings

“I had never entered my books into a competition before and so I was unsure as to what to expect. I was thrilled when I received the feedback from the judges; it was more than I expected. All the comments were so helpful and positive, it has spurred me on to consider writing more. Highly recommended.”

Daisy Burton, author of Barefoot

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