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"Thank you! Keep doing what you’re doing, you’re one of the very few awards I recommend writers enter, largely because yours is professional and positive but also because feedback is very helpful no matter how you do!"

Melissa Addey, author of A String of Silver Beads

"I can safely say that The Wishing Shelf has launched my author career in the UK (and you can quote me on that)"

Rae Knightly, author of the 'Ben Archer' books

"This was THE best book award/contest to enter GLOBALLY. No one holds a candle to your professionalism, effort or passion. Thank you."

Megan Fitzgerald, author of Ascending Davos, A career journey from the emergency room to the boardroom

Thank you so very much for the feedback. It's been a thrill to participate in the Wishing Shelf Book Awards and I am greatly honored to be a finalist. The comments you attached warmed my heart -- that children enjoyed my book is my greatest delight.

"I would be pleased to have you post the comments and blurb on the mentioned pages.
All you do to run the awards is enormous work and a marvelous service to independent authors and to the children and teachers who participate in judging the books. What a wonderful learning experience for all of us! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am grateful to you and the work you are doing and wish you all the best!"

Valerie L. Egar, author of Oh No! Reindeer Flu!

"I'm writing to you in hopes of sharing my thoughts and opinion of the Wishing Shelf Book Awards. As an Indie author with a limited budget, it's very difficult to find target readers and receive feedback from them. What I find unique and wonderful about the Wishing Shelf Book Awards is the fact the judges are from the desired target audience (teenagers, adults, children, etc) who provide feedback to a panel of final judges.
That feedback centers around several aspects of a book, such as editing, cover, story, and illustrations (in the case of picture books). Whether positive or negative, the feedback is passed along to the author. I find this to be the unique aspect concerning this contest and I feel it should be a blueprint for other book awards contests.
I've entered 3 books in the Wishing Shelf Book Awards since 2016 and have never 'won' a gold, silver, or bronze award, but I have been a finalist each time and I have been delighted to have my books achieve that sort of placing. I believe a finalist in the Wishing Shelf Book Awards is an excellent book and will probably place much higher in other, less reputable book awards contests. However, it's the feedback received by the readers that makes the difference to the author. Edward Trayer, or Billy Bob Buttons, has organized the premier book award contest for Indie authors (traditionally published authors can enter, too). This is how a legitimate book awards contest should be run, giving valuable feedback to the author and, if the book is truly exceptional, an award that will be cherished for a lifetime."

Mitch Reinhardt, author of the Darkwolf Saga

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