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'I just want to thank Edward for the Wishing Shelf Awards. Why? Because I was selected as a finalist and received nothing but heartwarming approval of my work? Well, no - actually I wasn't selected as a finalist. The point is, entering your book for the Awards enters it for something more valuable (in my opinion) - an exposure of your book to the appropriate readership (in my case 9-12 year-olds), who then provide frank and honest feedback. This information is like gold dust, and allows improvements to be made for the future to further the appeal of your books. Believe me, I have gained a lot - even without "winning". I can recommend these Awards to all authors.'

T J Rogers, authors of Which Way Switch

'I have never entered any of my books into a contest before, so when I entered The Wishing Shelf Awards contest, Edward Trayer was so helpful and accommodating. Each time I emailed him with questions, Edward promptly answered me. I enjoyed receiving emails that kept me informed about what his teams of judges were doing and the progress they were making throughout the judging process. I would definitely enter my future books into The Wishing Shelf Awards contest. This is definitely a well-run, worthwhile contest.'

Carolyn Hayes, author of Perhaps You Were Born for Just Such a Time as This

'I particularly like this award, because I always find the feedback from child readers especially helpful. In this case, it confirms comments made to me by editors, so I will know what to do differently next time.'

Tessa Buckley, author of Lady in Red

'By entering The Wishing Shelf Book Awards, my book was read and reviewed by 16 children and adults, with feedback on editing, writing style, content and title/cover. This is the kind of feedback every author needs. Honest and with comments to back up their scores, the children and adults gave me invaluable responses to my book. As well as a lovely red ribbon to display, I also have some powerful reviews and comments to use on my website and social media channels. I would thoroughly recommend entering.'

S Y Palmer, author of May's Moon

'The Wishing Shelf Awards contest and reviews is well done and the communication is great! The price is very reasonable. I definitely plan to make use of the comments when preparing future books!'

I Think I Lost My Little Bug, Grandpa Krogstad

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