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July 2019 Newsletter


Almost there! Only 20% of the 2018 entrant's feedback left to do. Wow! It's a BIG job, I can tell you. Anyway, the 80% who have the feedback, I hope it was helpful to you and your writing. When we send feedback to authors, we ask them if they wish us to post it on Amazon and Goodreads for them. Almost 99% of authors want us to. We will keep going until everybody has the feedback; I'm hoping to have them all completed and sent out by the end of summer, although there might be a few left over which will go out in September.
Remember, if you entered in 2019, the finalists will be announced in March 2020, the winners in April 2020, and the feedback will go out from March 2020 until August 2020.


If anybody is interested in getting an ER from The Wishing Shelf, then simply follow the instructions below. This is totally separate from the awards and will not influence the results in any way..

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Send a digital copy of your book (preferably a PDF) to Write 'REVIEW' in the subject box.

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Two to three weeks later, we will send you a catchy, single line review for the front/back of your book plus a futher 200-300 word review which you can then distribute as you see fit to market your book. If you wish, we will even put the review on Goodreads for you.

Now we are starting to get organised for the March 1
st 2020 announcement of the 2019 finalists .  There’s a lot to do. As you probably know, the books are awarded a mark out of ten for editing, plot/contents, writing style and cover. All the books that get over 30/40 will automatically be a finalist. We (approx. 20 of us) then sit down with the finalists and decide on the gold, silver and bronze winners. Usually, we have one gold winner, two silver winners and three bronze winners in every category. But for Category 5, which is such a big category, we have two gold winners, four silver winners and six bronze winners. We announce the medal winners at the beginning of April 2020.

If you still wish to enter a book in the 2019 awards, you can still do so. But don’t dillydally! The Reading Groups need as much time as possible to properly read and judge the books. We promise a minimum of 15 readers will read each book. That’s a lot of reading (and readers) to organise.





Below is a list of the 2018 WINNERS in The Wishing Shelf Book Awards. The adult books were read and judged by 2 Reading Groups, 1 in London and 1 in Stockholm; the children’s books by 8 UK primary and secondary schools. The books were marked according to EDITING, THEME, STYLE, COVER and, in the case of many of the children’s books, ILLUSTRATIONS.

If you happen to be looking for a good read, the readers at The Wishing Shelf Awards thoroughly recommend the following:



Category 1 Pre-School Picture Books


The Wrong Stripes, Arjun Rihan

Real Jungle Tales, Jesse Byrd, Ill. by Andressa Meissner


Dinner on the Doorstep, Elizabeth Cummings, Bronte Goodieson

Piccadilly and the Jolly Raindrops, Lisa Anne Novelline

Golden Sparkles: An introduction to mindfulness, Catarina R Peterson


SPLAT! Robin Bennett, ill by Kate Shannon

What on earth is under my bed? Laura Quinn, Kevin McHugh


Category 2 Books for 6 – 8 Year Olds


Code 7: Cracking the Code for an Epic Life, Bryan R. Johnson


The Adventures of Captain Waffello: Toasty’s Revenge, Aiden Dennis

Cody the Pony Goes to Pony Club, Michelle Path


Big Fish Dreams, Lori Peelen, Consie Powell

Tricky Times, Laura Irelan

Nibbler & Captain Make Peace, Kathy J. Perry


Category 3 Books for 9 – 12 Year Olds


My Dad, the Earth Warrior, Gary Haq


Gorgeous George And the Timewarp Trouser Trumpets, Stuart Reid

The Time Hunters, Carl Ashmore


The Snow Witch, Rosie Boyes

In the Shadow of the Sphinx, A K Wallis

FAB (Friends Against Bullying) Club 2, Alex Hallatt


Category 4 Books for Teenagers


Fury Frayed, Melissa Haag


Snowsisters, Tom Wilinsky & Jen Sternick

Hexborn, A M Manay


The Devil's Poetry, Louise Cole

Driven to the Hilt: The Deepest Cut, D G Lamb

Jack Gregson & The Forgotten Portal, Peter Wilson


Category 5 Books for Adults (fiction)


Pas De Deux: A Dance For Two, Lynn Turner

The Tree That Grew Through Iron, McKenzie Austin


Apotheosis, Joshua Edward Smith

Survivor’s Dawn, Ashley Warren

A Contrary Wind, Lona Manning

Infants of the Brush: A Chimney Sweep’s Story, A. M. Watson


Behind the Fan, Caroline Walken

Bocas, Thomas M. Barron

Sally, J Schlenker

The Storyteller’s Throne, Jocelyn Bates

Resonance, Jennifer Greenhall


Category 6 Books for Adults (non-fiction)


Blemished but not Broken, Kay Kinsley Adams


Failing Students or Failing Schools? A Parent's Guide to Reading Instruction and Intervention, Faith Borkowsky

Addicted to Hate, Lucia Mann


Daddy Day Care: A book for new dads and curious mums, Jonathan Tindale

Internet of Things: Digitize or Die, Nicolas Windpassinger

Common Questions Children Ask About Puberty: Insights from a nationally recognized health education expert, Lori A. Reichel




McKenzie Austin has always enjoyed her relationship with the creative arts. Like any whirlwind romance, she finds the ebbs and flows of the artistic process as challenging as they are rewarding.

A tattoo artist by trade, "McK" is intimately familiar with the art world. Writing has always been the most ambitious undertaking, but she has the support of her family and friends, who she resides with in Green Bay, WI.

Here she is, a 2018 finalist in The Wishing Shelf Book Awards.

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