Previous Finalists

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Broken Twigs
A fantasy story brimming
with chaos and danger!

The Irish bog imp tales
Lock up your donkeys,
the bog imps are coming!

What are You Willing to Risk?
Engaging dystopian novel,
think young adult 1984.

The Young Testament - preteen
A kids’-eye view
of the Jesus story!

Captivity (Faction War #1)
"A superb work of
graphic dystopian fiction.”

Historical Novel, Scotland,
Adventure, Romance, Mystery

Signs in the Dark
1 deaf teen captive,1 innocent
suspect. Suspense & romance.

Tupelo Honey
Gritty, superbly written. Full
of unforgettable characters.

How Much Big Is the Sky
A memoir of a mother's love
and unfathomable loss.

Eye of the Turtle
Thrilling adventure with
environmental theme (8+)
Gloria Barnett

Cycles of Norse Mythology
The passion, cruelty, and
heroism of an ancient world.