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It's so important to have a catchy review on the front and/or back cover of your 'soon to be published' or 'recently published' book. And, of course, on your Amazon Book Page under Editorial Reviews.

Click on the book title links below to see some of the editorial reviews we have organised for authors. If you would like us to organise a review for you, simply click here.

Raven Howell

Raven Howell (Author), Ann Pilicer

Raven Howell (Author), ill, by David Barrow

Robin Elizabeth Kobayashi

Shirley Moulton

Stacy Benedict

Sunshine Somerville

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Passionate Travellers
Around the World on 21
Incredible Journeys in History

Emilie by Ingrid Ramsdale
Gripping historical adventure
brimming with emotion
Ingrid Ramsdale

The Assassin of Malcoze
An assassin’s plot will
change the kingdom forever

Cats of the Pyramids
Two autistic kids. Great
adventure. ALIEN CAT PEOPLE!

Eve's Ducklings
Adorable story about a girl
wanting to befriend ducklings

Blood and Water
Not every dragon
is born equal

Ever Alice
Alice returns to Wonderland to
take out the Queen of Hearts.

The Demonic Virtue
The tale of all tales.
The journey of Atopher.

Chermpf by W. S. Russell lll
An exciting adventure with
Gracie and the Cats of Nova!

Just Say "$%#&! NO!"
A Book Dedicated to the
Well Intended Overextended!