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The Betrayal, The Guernsey Novels, Book 6

By Anne Allen

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'A stylishly-written saga packed full of interesting characters and plot twists. Addictive reading!'

I have now enjoyed all of Anne Allen's novels and I'm becoming a big fan. She is a very 'lively' writer who seems to enjoy giving her readers a wonderful set of characters in a soft, almost velvety setting. Her books also offer a strong historical element, most often World War Two when the Germans invaded the island.
In the sixth novel in the set, Fiona and her twin brother, Nigel, discover hidden artwork in the walls of an antique shop. They attempt to discover who it belonged to but, when Nigel 'supposedly' kills himself, Fiona attempts to discover the truth.
I must say that The Betrayal has a very different feel to it than the other novels in the set. The island is still lovingly described, the characters just as interesting and well developed, but the underlying mystery is so prominent in this story; in fact, in parts, it is almost a thriller. The pacing is faster right from the opening chapter with Teresa and Leo deciding whether to run from the invading Germans or not. And the ending is just as exciting. All in all, totally unputdownable!
To sum up, this is a wonderful novel, with tons of pace where pace is needed, and a setting so lovingly described, it is almost a character in the book. I am happy to recommend this story, in fact all of them, to anybody who enjoys a well-plotted mystery populated with convincing and always credible characters.

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