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Adventure Sam, Stealth Mode

By Josh Barron

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'A fast-paced, boldly illustrated 'ninja' adventure for young children to enjoy.'

I know in today's modern, rather woke world we live in, it's probably frowned upon to say that this is a bit of a boys' book. So I won't say it – wink, wink. What I will say is that I very much enjoyed this boldly illustrated story of a young boy battling evil using his ninja skills. Simply written, accessible, and thankfully not rhyming, it's a fast-paced story that will fill young minds with thoughts of being a superhero and saving the world!
Admittedly, a few grandparents and parents might think the story is a little too 'intense' for young minds. And, yes, it's not got a lot of fluffy kittens in it. But kids love a good adventure with lots happening – and in this book, trust me when I tell you, there's a lot happening. The illustrator is also talented, seeming to understand how important it is to keep the artwork bold and colourful, perfectly matching the story.
In terms of what needs work – not a lot. There is the odd clumsy sentence and I spotted a few small errors that need sorting. And I did feel the part of the book when he's practicing his ninja skills went on for a bit too long. But, other than that, it's a fun story; and I suspect most kids will be rooting for Ninja Sam to save the day! There's also a twist at the end – and, as we all know, kids love to be surprised.
So, if you happen to be on the hunt for a not-so-politically-correct, fun-filled adventure for 5 – 7 year olds, try this. It might not fill children's minds with love for fellow humans – or fluffy kittens for that matter, but I think they'll enjoy it – and enjoying a book is, in the end, what's most important.
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