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A Bullet in the Head, an Arrow through the Heart

By Mark Bohac

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'A compelling journey back to the 1980s packed full of perfectly timed humour. Excellent for upsetting politically correct, left wingers!' The Wishing Shelf

I must say, I very much enjoyed this step back in time to the 1980s. Being 53 years old, I remember it well, a much less complicated time with no internet, when everything was less politically correct and there was no such thing as 'mental health problems' - back then, it was just called skiving off.
In this very long-titled novel from the talented pen Mark Bohac, the reader gets to follow a group of young men as they navigate life (and love) during this Wham-dominated decade. There's a good amount of humour in the storytelling yet, it's also thought-provoking in parts, particularly to readers like me who happened to have grown up during that time. The Boys, as the author calls them, were instantly recognisable to me, reminding me of many of my pals of old. The book also reminded me that with youth, there's stupidity – and there's plenty on show in here. But it's all good fun and, I suspect, most readers, particularly if they happen to be 50-odd, will see this novel as a time capsule; that, once unearthed, reminds them of better days - oh possibly just different days.
So, who's this book for? Well, I suspect if the reader happens to be a left wing, politically correct, care worker, they'll probably find this book rather alarming. They'll be wrapping it in garlic and trying to drive a stake through it. But if they're not so easily offended and they remember the 80s with warmth; a time when, if they didn't know something, they couldn't simply ask Google, then they'll find this novel a lot of fun.

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