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By Karla M. Jay

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‘A strongly plotted and often harrowing WW2 novel set in 1944 Budapest. Dark, gritty and utterly compelling.’ The Wishing Shelf

I never watched Schindler’s List; I could never face it, the horrors, the murder of so many innocents by the Nazis. So I settled down with The Puppet Maker's Daughter with a little trepidation. But, although it is harrowing in parts, it is a very well-written story highlighting the plight of the Jews in Budapest during World War 2. Written from the POV of Marika, it's a compelling mix of wartime and family drama, as the young protagonist attempts to save lost children and displaced Jews from the German war machine - and keep her family alive too.
There were so many elements to this historical novel I enjoyed. Firstly, the author, Karla M. Jay, seems to know her stuff in terms of time, place, and what happened there. In England, we know what France went through during the war - and how brave the resistance was there. But Hungary not so much. So I felt this novel was not only compelling, it was also an eye-opener too; for me anyway. Secondly, Marika is such a wonderful character. She’s strong-minded, brave, and she develops a lot in the face of terrible danger. She’s the sort of character readers love to root for. And, thirdly, the writing style is spot on, never flowery, with strong, consistent pacing.
So, if you happen to be on the hunt for a character-driven, historically set novel, I’m happy to recommend The Puppet Maker’s Daughter. It’s not only thought-provoking, it acts as a reminder of what the Jewish community faced during WW2, and how the human spirit can never be crushed even by the most inhumane of monsters.

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