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Babouc's Vision

By Glenn Searfoss

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30th December 2021
TITLE: Babouc's Vision
AUTHOR: Glenn Searfoss

Star Rating: 4

‘Insightful, intelligent; the sort of story that will stay with you for a long time. Highly recommended!’ The Wishing Shelf

My job is to tell you if Babouc's Vision by Glenn Searfoss is a good book or not. And my job is to do that in approx. 300 words. I tell you now – it’s impossible. But I will do my best. First, the simple bit – yes, it’s good. Very good. In terms of writing style, the characters, and the complexity of the futuristic setting, the author has excelled. Although many readers might find it a little depressing (the world in this novel is not looking the best!), it’s introspective (in a good way) and even playful too – and there’s a tiny element of hope hidden away in there that’s refreshing.
So, to the plot. In a nutshell, Harl Babouc is given a job by the gods: he must report on humanity; how good/bad/terrible it now is, so they can decide where it should be destroyed or not. If this all seems very dark and depressing, to be honest, it is! This is not a ‘light’ novel. Trying to find anything redeeming in humanity today can be difficult; trust me when I tell you things have corkscrewed a long way down by 2041 when this novel is set.
All in all, I enjoyed his book. It’s a compelling story full of characters the author very much wants the reader to get to know and, importantly, to understand. Although it was all a bit depressing for me – and a bit sluggish in the middle – there’s a lot in here for the reader to contemplate and discuss with others. Many might think the world is going this way now, and any novel which highlights this is welcome on my bookshelf.
To sum up, post-apocalyptic/dystopian lovers will find this very much of interest. They will delight in the strong imagery, the fully developed characters – particularly Babouc as he attempts to protect the citizens of Cyncity – and the wonderful complexity of the futuristic city. It’s not often I find a new author to enjoy…
…but I think I just did.

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