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The Wishing Shelf can also provide copyediting for your 'almost complete' manuscript. We work with a number of excellent editors who will edit your story with regard to grammar, punctuation and spelling. He or she will be using Microsoft Word 'Track Change' (so you can see what the editor has altered) and will provide a line by line edit that corrects typos and will fix any problems relating to plot/character development and consistency.

Finally, the editor will provide the author/publisher with a letter suggesting how the story might be improved.

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My Dad, the Earth Warrior
A fun eco-adventure brimming
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Blessed Assurance
‘A gripping, character-led
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A mystery with intrigue,
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Cosmic Playbook for Writers
Daily creative inspiration and
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THE NAMESAKE: Truth is Freedom
When faith turns to violence,
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Making a Mystery:Annie Tillery
Author/Educator, Linda Frank,
the story behind the story

Where I Belong
When the past is forgotten,
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