’In a world where more people than ever are becoming writers, there is a concomitant uptick in contests and awards for said writers. I have participated in many book awards programs over the years and have won a few of them, but by far the Wishing Shelf Book Award is my favorite. What distinguishes the Wishing Shelf Awards from all the rest is that my books are read and judged by the actual readers in my demographic. That target-audience feedback is not part of any other award program that I know of, and is, in a word, invaluable. My hats off and sincere thanks to Edward Trayer (a.k.a. Billy Bob Buttons) for developing a concept of meaningful interaction for today’s authors, and for the hard work he puts into the Wishing Shelf Awards. His vision and dedication make a difference to fellow authors, and benefit young readers by giving them a voice.’

Don M. Winn, Award-Winning Author, Speaker, and Dyslexia Advocate

’The constructive criticism I received from the folks at The Wishing Shelf Book Awards was extremely valuable to me! I’m always looking to improve my writing skills and I received invaluable information. I am in full promotion mode, so the catchy quote is really helpful too.

The Wishing Shelf Book Awards was a beautiful, positive experience. I enjoyed the camaraderie as well as connecting with other authors all over the world. Writing can be lonely, so it is a fantastic group to be apart of. Thanks, Billy Bob, for the experience.’

Terry John Barto author of Nickerbacher

’The Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards was recommended to me as it is considered one of the better Indie contests. I especially liked that it is run by an award-winning author and judged by groups of readers in the UK and Sweden. This allowed me to put my book before a varied group of independent readers and get truly honest feedback. I am very proud to have been selected as a finalist and fully intend to enter the contest again.’

N W Moors, author of The Black Swans

’I would highly recommend entering your book in the Wishing Shelf Awards, especially if you’re an independent (self-published) author. The main reason, for me, is that the awards are judged by the target audience itself, something that gives them particular integrity. I think this is especially valuable for children’s books, for which it can be difficult to get feedback from kids directly (as opposed to adults buying or reviewing on behalf of children). Another plus is that the awards are judged on clearly explained objective criteria, using a points system over a number of categories, and any and all books that meet a certain level can become finalists. Finally, there’s the fact that ALL books entered receive written feedback, a ’catchy quote’ and (if the author wishes) reviews posted on Goodreads and Amazon. All this makes the entry cost a very good investment in my view. Just one word of warning: the feedback will be honest and may contain negatives as well as positives - but any author serious about improving their craft should welcome that.’

Christopher Peter, author of Danny Chaucer’s Flying Saucer

’The Wishing Shelf Book awards is an excellent vehicle for authors to receive constructive advice from seasoned readers. My book doesn’t naturally fall into a conventional category, so I was a little bit worried. However, their astute critiques, comments and praise are honestly recorded and placed on Amazon for all to see; along with a catchy summary. All in all, a worthwhile process even if you don’t scoop a prize.’

Jeremy Flint, author of Looking for The Way

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