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183 Comments from Authors/Publishers

'I am very happy with my experience with the Wishing Shelf Awards. Edward kept in constant contact with all the entrants in regards to the progress of the contest, judging, and finalist/winner announcements, which I have found to be a rarity in literary contests. The feedback I received from the readership was extremely valuable, especially since it came from the intended audience for the book!'

Molly Lazer, Owl Eyes

I just got the feedback from the Young Adult readers of the Wishing Shelf Awards of my book Firstworld (Broomriders in Space #1).
I am most pleased ending up as a Finalist and with the 5 stars the readers awarded me.
But most of all, I am happy with their often insightful comments.
Where else do you get a chance to find out what your target public’s opinion is of your book?
So a great many thanks to the Wishing Shelf Awards and its Readers!'

Firstworld, Paul E. Horsman

'Thank you so much for organizing the award. I also want to thank the readers and judges for their feedback! Please post them on Amazon UK.
The experience certainly helps me in many ways. I get to know what young adult readers expect from authors, from the contents of the book to the cover.
The award sticker also helps promoting the book. Its sales have doubled after putting up the Finalist sticker on Amazon. I'll definitely recommend the Wishing Shelf to other authors!'

The Chief's Runaway Bride, Bijou Li

'Being part of the Wishing Shelf Awards has been a brilliant experience, and it’s clear how much hard work and effort goes into them. As a new author, it can be difficult to get your book into the hands of readers, and even harder to get feedback and reviews. The Wishing Shelf Awards recognise the obstacles authors face and Edward has done everything possible to help. It feels amazing to have won a bronze medal for my book, but what is even better is knowing that real readers judged it and getting to hear what they genuinely thought about it. Thanks to the Wishing Shelf Awards process, I have received direct feedback from readers, I have a new review on Amazon and Goodreads, and I even have a catchy quote I can use on my book cover, all things that are offered to everyone who enters and are not only reserved for the winners. I wouldn’t hesitate to take part in these awards again and I can’t recommend them enough. My thanks go out to Edward and to everyone who works so hard to make these awards possible.'

In the Shadow of the Sphinx, A K Wallis

'This is my second time entering the Wishing Shelf Awards. So I can appreciate just how much the awards has grown over the years.
It's great to get my book, 'James Clyde and the Tomb of Salvation' into the hands of children and to receive such high praise gives me great confidence going forward. A great award for any author to enter.'

Colm McElwain

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