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Kindness, Kale & Kettlebells
A journey to self-awareness
Amazon bestseller Bio Soc Act

Uncle Matty Matt’s Bistro
Uncle Matty and the Piggies
cook up a delicious surprise.

The Conquistador's Horse
One boy, one horse,
one destiny.

Idi & The Oracle’s Quest
Magic and adventure
in this YA fantasy.

The Number Story 1 & 2
Finally, an award-winning way
to learn numbers. It works!

White Plains 
"The plot moves at a
breathtaking pace"

Two Spoons of Bitter
A story of love,
betrayal and redemption

The Staten Island Butcher
Priest tries to rescue
student from serial killer

Nibbler and Captain Make Peace
Advantageous for early
readers with life-application.

Lucy Finds a Home
An adorable, sweet book
that children will love!

Henry Disney's
truly unforgettable read