Bily Bob ButtonsBilly Bob Buttons is a young talented author. On top of being a secondary school English teacher, he is also a pilot.

Born in the Viking city of York, he and his wife, Therese, a true Swedish girl from the IKEA county of Småland, now live in Stockholm and London. Their twin girls, Rebecca and Beatrix, and little boy, Albert, inspire Billy Bob every day to pick up a pen and work on his books.

When not writing, he enjoys tennis and playing 'MONSTER!' with his three children.

He is the author of the much loved, The Gullfoss Legends, Rubery Award finalist, Felicity Brady and the Wizard's Bookshop, UK People Book Prize runner-up, TOR Assassin Hunter and TOR Wolf Rising, I Think I Murdered Miss is his ninth children's novel.

Here he is (far right) winning the 2014 UK People's Book Prize.

Galibrath's Will BOOK ONE (Felicity Brady and the Wizard's Bookshop)
Galibrath's Will BOOK ONE (Felicity Brady and the Wizard's Bookshop)

The day Felicity Brady discovers The Wishing Shelf, a magic bookshop in the small town of Twice Brewed, is the day her life is altered forever. A helpful clock and a mulish door allow her to travel to different lands where she plays Vipers and Stepladders, pilots flying carpets and visits creepy Cauldron City. There's a krakor thunder serpent, waltzing books, even a copy of 'Be Warty, Be Proud' sitting on the cistern in the loo. Armed with an inquisitive mind and the magical skills of a wet doyley, Felicity must face monster dorfmorons, woolly glumsnappers and powerful wizards. But lurking in the shadows, watching her, is the most evil monster of them all, the terrible shubablybub. And she keeps reminding everybody, 'In school, they only teach us netball.' Life is very complicated for Felicity Brady.

TOR: Assassin Hunter (Book One of the Tor Trilogy)
TOR: Assassin Hunter (Book One of the Tor Trilogy)

The year is 1870. Major Tor, a mercenary and deadly sniper, is called from battle and ordered to stop Locust, a SWARM assassin who is planning to murder the King of Sweden.

From the rubble and watery craters of France to the shadowy corridors and tunnels of Stockholm's old castle, Tor must discover who the assassin is and stop his, or her plan to throw a country into a barbaric and bloody war.

Accompany him if you dare into a world of bayonets and bullets, where the enemy's sword is forever chasing his shadow.

But remember this, when you hunt assassins, trust nobody.

TOR Wolf Rising (Book Two of the Tor Trilogy)
TOR Wolf Rising (Book Two of the Tor Trilogy)

My body is not the body I had before I travelled to China. Teeth now crowd my jaw, I can spot deer from half a mile away, and to me, the tiny feet of mice no longer patter, they boom like trampling elephants. I am changing. A volcano of fury is stirring, trapped only by the thinnest crust of skin and willpower. The spirit of the hamrammr is in my blood... EVIL BECKONS

The Gullfoss Legends
The Gullfoss Legends

Over a century ago, a twelve year old girl walked 120 kms to Reykjavik to persuade the King to help her. Her journey lasted two weeks; two weeks of wild snow storms, skin-blistering winds and deadly clouds of volcanic ash. This is her story. The British plan to put a dam on Gullfoss, a magnificent waterfall in Iceland, but Sigríður plans to stop them. Setting off to see the King, she must face scalding pools of hot mud, a scary wolf-man and the most evil of assassins, the ruthless Scarecrow, who must stop her at all costs. Based on the Gullfoss Legends, this is a story for anybody who has battled but refused to give up. Billy Bob Buttons was a finalist in the Rubery Book Awards and a runner-up in this year's prestigious UK People's Book Prize.

Articulus Quest BOOK TWO (Felicity Brady and the Wizard's Bookshop)
Articulus Quest BOOK TWO (Felicity Brady and the Wizard's Bookshop)

'If you don't go, Felicity; if you don't get Articulus back, there will be a terrible war in this land.' The gargoyle rested his claw on her shoulder. 'Galibrath left the book to you and now it is up to you to find it and return it to The Wishing Shelf. Remember, in the wrong hands it could destroy...everything.' 'A fantastic adventure.' Teanreads 'Brilliant!' SciFi Books

I Think I Murdered Miss
I Think I Murdered Miss

My name is Simon Spittle and I think - no, I know, I murdered Miss Belcher. I don t carry a gun. Or a knife. Or even a toothpick, but yesterday, in French, I wished for her to be run over by a bus and, later that very day, she was. A big, red double-decker with yellow wheels and a picture of a clown on the bonnet. A Billy Smart s Circus bus.

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