Rules & How to Enter the Awards

To enter this award, you and your book must meet the following criteria:

The book must be self-published or published by a small, independent or academic press.

The book must be predominantly in English and published in 2015, 2016 or 2017.

You must send your book(s) to us between the 1st January, 2017 and the 31st December, 2017.
The judges' decision is final and will not be open to appeal.

1. Send the title and blurb of your book to We will then let you know if it's the sort of book that our readers will/might enjoy.
2. If it is, then we will ask you to send a digital copy of your book(s) (preferably a PDF), both inners and front cover, to This will save you the cost of posting the book. Also, we can then send it electronically to the schools and Reading Groups. Every copy will be deleted at the end of the judging process.
3. Alternatively, if you wish to, you can send us a physical copy of your book to my address in England: Edward Trayer, 15 Cameron Lane, Fernwood, Newark, NG24 3GE, ENGLAND. Authors of picture books might wish to do this.
4. Pay our Paypal account ( £39 or $59 (if you wish for feedback, catchy quote, reviews on and Goodreads) or £19 or $29 (if you just wish to enter the awards). Alternatively, if you're based in the UK, send a British cheque payable to Edward Trayer to my English address (see above).
5. When sending your electronic PDF OR the book in the post, remember to include the following information: Your name and address, your email address and the category you wish to enter.

WHY WE CHARGE £39 ($59)
1. Owning, hosting and updating the webpage.
2. Cost of posting books between Reading Groups and schools.
3. Designing and printing the (super-cool!) certificate for all the finalists. Oh, and posting it.
4. Advertising all of the finalists on Goodreads (it costs a fortune but it helps the authors find new customers).
5. The cost of promoting the winning adult books on Goodreads.
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