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'Being a finalist boosted my confidence that yes, I can write a book that people want to read. Even more than that, Wishing Shelf got my book into the hands of actual teen readers, the target audience. I know a lot of former teens (some more recent than others) but not that many current teens. The young readers' comments confirmed that I am writing for the people I think I'm writing for. All the more reason to finish up the sequel!'

Karen Eisenbrey, author of The Gospel According to St Rage

'The feedback gathered through The Wishing Shelf Book Awards process is truly golden for us in that it inspires us to create more, hearing how much the readers appreciate what we have offered. The specific stats for our book provided some great illumination that we had not previously considered, especially about the cover and the contents i.e. there had been a question about the worthwhileness of our including a substantial appendix, and it was a delightful surprise to learn how much that information was enjoyed. The general feedback offered perspectives that applied to us too especially about what "hooks" young readers into a story. Ahhh, to have real reviews from real teachers and parents that we can share with others who have not yet seen the book is such an invaluable gift... it's a challenge for us to ask for reviews, and we deeply appreciate the genuine expressions shared by the readers. With immense gratitude to the insight and efforts of all at the Wishing Shelf Book Awards, we wish everyone happy reading and writing!'

Aimée Lissantheia, author of The Amazing Adventures of Melissa Bee

'The Wishing Shelf Book Awards is one of the few contests where writers can rest assured that the person running the contest--Billy Bob Buttons--truly cares about the writers, judges, and the material. He personally screens the entrants and provides feedback along the way, even telling us about the drama in the judges' quarters! I couldn't believe when I found out that 31 people had read and reviewed my entry. That's a lot of time and effort from a lot of dedicated readers in Stockholm and London. In addition, the large number of readers lends credence to the process and the feedback provided. I'm proud to label my mystery, CIRCLED, as a Wishing Shelf Bronze Medal Winner. It gives readers the confidence to take a chance on an author they may not know, and the influence of the award can only grow in the coming years. Thanks, Wishing Shelf!'

Anne McAneny, author of Circled

’My book, Deliverance Mary Fields, was a 2016 Wishing Shelf Finalist in the Adult Nonfiction category. This recognition was very helpful in my promotions, advertising and marketing campaigns. The reader comments were also valuable and insightful. I would recommend entering your book in this grass-roots not-for-profit organization’s book contest without hesitation. Many thanks to the many readers who reviewed Deliverance Mary Fields and have helped me get the word out; and of course, a special thank you to Billy Bob Buttons, aka Edward Trayer, for creating the means for this to happen: the Wishing Shelf Book Awards!’

Miantae Metcalf McConnell, author of Deliverance, Mary Fields

’Hi Edward,

Firstly a big thank you for the feedback and Red Ribbon Award that Callum received for his book Magic Hut. Callum was very, very happy to read the positive comments from the readers of all ages. To get such feedback is exciting for Callum and we hope that it feeds his passion for writing. We have also passed on the feedback to Callum’s mentors at Creative Write-it workshop who have helped him get the book to production stage with the editing and created the book cover. 

We would love for you to place the Readers’ comments, Catchy Quote, Stats & Star Rating on & & for Callum’s book. We have only just recently placed the book on these mediums as we have been selling books through family & friends and the Creative Write-it workshop in Melbourne, Australia.

Also thank you for forwarding the offer from Red Kite Publishing to pay for his next entry into The Wishing Shelf Book Awards. Callum has started writing two more books that are sporting related (cricket & Australian rules football). We will let you know when either of these books are completed.

Finally, thank you for creating The Wishing Shelf Book Awards that allows authors to receive feedback on their writing and it is also a great resource when looking for new books to read. This has been a great experience for Callum and we hope that he will have more entries in the future.

Kind regards

John & Callum Farquhar’

Parents of Callum, author of Magic Hut

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