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"Entering The Wishing Shelf Book Award has really been a positive experience. To have my book read by people "out there" while waiting for the reviews from them was truly exciting, and I was glad that Billy Bob Buttons kept us updated about the process on a regular basis. He puts a lot of effort into this award, and it is easy communicating with him. For me it has been helpful to receive feedback that tells me that readers have experienced the book, and its main character, the way I hoped they would. I will definitely enroll more books into this award."

Lin-Marita Sandvik, author and creator of the Tor the Bear

'I haven't taken full advantage of the marketing side of being a Wishing Shelf finalist yet, but I'm absolutely delighted to have the finalist sticker on the front of my book and I've no doubt it will help me sell more copies. This was my first children's book, and to have received such lovely feedback from the judges it makes me feel I must be doing something right, and it's spurred me on to get my next book completed. I'll definitely be entering the Wishing Shelf Awards again soon, and I have recommended the awards to other authors I illustrate for.'

Wish Upon a Shooting Star, J. C. Perry

'Good Morning Edward,

The finalist medal you sent me arrived in perfect condition. It is beautifully and thoughtfully crafted and will be displayed with much pride.

Additionally, I wish to express my thanks to you for spearheading the Wishing Shelf Awards and to the individuals who read my book (Easing Out: Accepting My Gay Self). While the book didn't win an award, being named as a finalist was a thrill.

In deep gratitude.'

Easing Out: Accepting My Gay Self, Seth Vicarson

'What you offer is really useful so thanks for all the time and trouble you take. Indie is a tough way to go (is there an easy way?) and one of the issues is finding ways to differentiate work from a vanity publishing project in the eyes of potential readers. What you are doing through WS is unique in offering an honest and legitimate way for those of us who have chosen this route to tell our stories. Your work and time is valued and appreciated. All power to you.'

The Namesake: Truth is Freedom, Adam E. Bradbury


I hope this email finds you very well! I just wanted to thank you so much for the gorgeous medal! My son, who is eight and autistic, recently participated in the Special Olympics and won two gold medals in his now I can preen about just like he's been doing with my own gold medal!

This experience has been truly amazing. Thank you for all that you do, and for providing a lovely platform for indie authors to get exposure and priceless feedback.

Have a lovely rest-of-your-week!'

Pas De Deux: A Dance For Two, Lynn Turner

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