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'I highly recommend The Wishing Shelf Book Awards and Editorial Reviews to any author who wants to improve his or her craft. Where indie authors are concerned especially, it can be difficult to navigate through the minefield of improvement. Well-meaning family and friends are often too terrified to tell you how to improve your work, and many editorial review establishments shy away from "the dreaded self-published author". Knowing that Wishing Shelf is run by authors (who know the difficulties of writing a book) and readers (your target audience!) you're guaranteed to get honest, well-rounded feedback that's useful in so many ways.'

McKenzie Austin, author of The Tree that Grew through Iron

'It has been a lovely experience being a finalist. Having these reviews to share on social media will give the book (and me) a nice boost & help me set up book two - as the reviews really pick out the content and the threads I’m moving forward with for book two ️Seeing that 15/16 would read another book if wrote one is very encouraging!
Thank you for all you do to support authors.'

Katie Brockhurst, author of Social Media For A New Age

“The Wishing Shelf Award has been enormously helpful to me. Not only is it backed by a professional organisation that one feels one can trust with its team of avid actual readers and reviewers behind the scenes and the extraordinarily efficient communication from the organiser keeping the writer continually up-to-date, but you get the sense that the reader is absolutely honoured in the process. Just as the best meal cannot be hurried in its cooking, the process of sifting and sorting and reviewing a writer’s work is given the time and care and diligence that is needed to assess their work to the highest standard. So glad I found you! Thank you for being such a trustworthy presence amid all the hype and disingenuous presence online these days.”

Carmen Harris, authr of Sh*t Happens Magic Follows

As a first-time publisher and author, I needed to gain a context of my writing style and content. I entered my debut book, Kindness, Kale & Kettlebells: A journey to self-awareness into The Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards and received reviews and feedback from authors and readers. My book was read by nineteen people who scored it on editing, writing style, content and cover, and some judges wrote individual reviews, which I found incredibly helpful. A book rating and review were placed on Amazon, Goodreads and BookBub. The Awards are run by Edward (Billy Bob Buttons) who is an award-winning author himself. Through his efforts and example, the Awards are home to a group of writers, who understand the challenges that indie authors are confronted with, and offer one another support in this exciting field of disruptor publishing.'

Sudhana Singh, author of Kindness, Kale & Kettlebells

'The feedback was helpful and reader's comments should prove very useful in promoting the book internationally. I really appreciate that the evaluation and review comments are created using multiple readers (19 in my case). Wishing Shelf is a top notch book award contest, and integrity was apparent throughout the entire process.'

Erick Kenneth French, author of Iphelia: Awakening the Gift of Feeling

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