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'I am so pleased with my reviews and your extraordinary approach to book reviews and awards. I researched options for awards and my highest desire was to be picked by The Wishing Shelf….and, my intention came to fruition….thank you so much!'

Suzie Daggett, author of The Pink Door

'The awards help as the feedback is so useful. It is wonderful to get feedback for both the kids and the teachers, something that other awards do not provide. This gives reassurance to me as the author that I’m on the right track, and helps as real tangible material to be used in my promotion and advertising.'

Dr Simon Spence, author of Theseus

Word of the Week: Volume One was my first attempt at self-publishing – all my other books have been commissioned by established publishers – so I was very keen a) to get some objective feedback and b) to build some awareness of the book to help me sell it more widely. Being selected as a Finalist was a big boost, giving me the belief to continue writing in the same vein and to have faith in my ability to keep readers engrossed and entertained. This sort of encouragement is like gold dust and can really help to give you the conviction you need to keep going inspire of all your self-criticism and doubt. I’m yet to see how the endorsement of a five star rating will help my efforts to sell the book as it’s early days but it has given me the confidence to try.'

Tim Glynne-Jones, author of Word of the Week

I worked hard on my debut 'The Sheriff's Catch' and its sequels for over ten years, prior to securing publication with UK award-winning publisher Unbound. After reaching this exciting milestone I was resolved to identify reputable literary awards which I could enter. 'I carried out a lot of research on the internet and spoke to a few published authors before adding The Wishing Shelf Book Awards (WSA) to my shortlist. I must say that WSA founder Edward Trayer aka Billy Bob Buttons does a very effective job of coordinating the reviews of novels which are submitted to this award. WSA also provides very fair and helpful feedback to authors who are named finalists, thereby enabling them to confirm their strengths.'

James Vella-Bardon, author of The Sheriff's Catch

'I’m so glad I entered The Wishing Shelf Award. The process was different to other competitions and felt like it was geared towards the advancement of the author, rather than the organiser’s own agenda. The feedback I received was both positive and constructive and Billy Bob was extremely helpful in answering my queries. I would recommend this competition to any self-published author who is seeking genuine feedback for their work.'

Michael Lynch, author of Straybeck Rising

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